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Stop Motion Animation

Click the link below to see some of the stop-motion-animation completed my Mr. Calder's class using Google Slides:

Student 1

Student 2

Concussion Information

PPM 158 requires each school board policy/procedure to include strategies for sharing information and developing awareness of concussions and concussion prevention, identification, and management with students, parents, guardians, volunteers, school staff, and community based organizations.
The following supports and resources are available to support schools implement awareness of concussions and concussion prevention for their staff, students, families and communities.

Student and parent awareness and prevention:

Halton’s Student Concussion Education Program

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Concussion Resources

Concussion Tool For Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Students and Athletic Therapists 

HPEDSB Concussion Information Flyer

Dr. Evans Video – Concussions: What they are? What they do?


School Climate Survey

The Ministry of Education mandates that all Ontario district school boards offer an opportunity for staff, students, and parent/guardians to provide feedback on school climate through an anonymous survey. In our continuing effort to facilitate a positive school experience for students, we will be implementing our School Climate online school survey for students in Grades 4 through 8, and Grades 9 through 12. Staff and parent/guardians will also have an opportunity to have their voices heard through similar versions of this survey.  The purpose of the survey is to hear about the whole school climate and what factors make the school climate positive and engaging.

The survey allows students to give feedback about their school experience to their school principal and staff in an anonymous way.  There are no incorrect responses and survey results will not be used to evaluate schools or school staffs.  The results of the surveys are then used to determine next steps with regard to school improvement and board improvement planning.  Highlights of the survey may be shared with community partners.

While the format of the survey, for the most part, is based on multiple choice responses, students will be able to express their thoughts by way of some open-ended questions, as well.  On average, the survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.  The student survey will be completed at school and will be taken in the fall.

As a system we value the voices and feedback from our students, as well as our parents/guardians.   Please take the time to complete the parent/guardian survey using the following link provided at the left hand side of our website .  Contact the school office if you wish to have a paper copy of the parent/guardian survey to complete.

A short (3 minute) video has been prepared to introduce the School Climate survey.  You can view it at .

If you would like more information about the survey, please feel free to call the school.

Meet the Teachers

Please join us on Thursday, October 3rd from 5:00 - 6:30 pm for our Meet the Teachers evening.  Classrooms will be open and your child can take you on a tour of our wonderful building.  Our School Council will be holding a Turkey Draw (just in time for Thanksgiving) and Bake Sale throughout the evening.  If you would like to donate something for the Bake Sale, please bring it into the school on the date of our Meet the Teachers open house.

We hope to see you and introduce oursevles!


September at York River Public School


Welcome back to all our returning students and their families and an especially warm welcome to all those new to York River. Welcome also to our new Principal, Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Shelmerdine who is our new Vice Principal/In School Resource Teacher, Mrs. Wilson who is teaching Grade 1/2 and Ms. Radnor who is a new Primary/Junior Prep teacher.

Our school year is off to a positive start thanks to our Character Camp. During the first two weeks of school our students were engaged in exciting lessons and activities which helped us all understand what it takes to be a great Otter. Thank you to Mrs. Thrower for organizing this. The wrap up Character Camp our Grade 8 student leaders led their student teams through a series of outdoor game activities. Thank you to Ms. Cox and all our teachers who helped make this a success. We could not have done it without the awesome Grade 8 students!

Just a reminder about bus notes – we ask that the come in writing to the office with both the 911 address and already established bus stop that you wish your child to get off at. Please also remember that our dismissal time is 3:05 pm. If you are picking up your child early at the end of the day, please come into the office. Your child will be called down at our bell time.

See Ya'...


Mrs. Speck, retired principal of the former North Hastings Senior Elementary School, is seen here presenting plaques to Mrs. Reid and Mr. Mitchell at the annual awards assembly at YRPS. Both are moving on to new schools after spending the last two years successfully managing the merger of the former "Senior El" with Bancroft Public School.
Mr. Mitchell: "It was not without a few bumps and bruises along the way, but the credit should go to our staff members who weathered many storms to bring the school to what it is today - the flagship elementary school for the North. Mrs. Reid and I are very proud to have been a part of history, really. We leave the school in good hands. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Shelmerdine have a wonderful group of students and staff to continue the 'Otter' traditions established in two short years."


Soccer Challenge

altOur Grade 7s took on the staff recently in an event organized by Kevin W., a Grade 7 student.

A big thanks to him for his planning. A great idea to bring some school spirit into the end of the week.

The score? Oh, was that important? (To the staff, YES!) Okay. The students fell by a 4-1 score. But they were up against some pretty decent talent - and a competitive nature, to be sure!

Again, thanks Kevin! Our students were equally excited and well-behaved on the sidelines.

This is sure to be another YRPS tradition to catch on...

Playing For Keeps Program

altThe Playing for Keeps Program pays the registration fees for families with an inability to pay.  It strives to give all children and youth the opportunity to experience the fun of being a child and to not be excluded from the activities their friends are enjoying.  Sports and recreational activities help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, and improve self-esteem.

Click this link for more information!

A Return to Classes

We have been given the go-ahead to have students return to classes TOMORROW, April 25, 2013.alt

A Synervoice will be delivered to our families' homes today explaining some restrictions around the return to school. For YRPS students, we can confirm that transportation will be running as per usual for both Thursday (25th) and Friday (26th).

There will be restrictions with regard to student movement and access. Emergency officials in concert with the HPEDSB senior team are supportive of students returning to classes. Students are required to remain on school property when at school for both Thursday, April 25th and Friday, April 26th. Our main office will be happy to assist families with any requests to drop off/pick up students with appointments or other special arrangements. Principal Reid and Vice-Principal Mitchell will be on-site to handle any alternate requests.

We are grateful for your patience and understanding throughout this unusual situation in the Bancroft area.

(YRPS Admin.)

Flooding Concerns

For a third straight day, classes at YRPS have been cancelled due to dangerous flooding conditions in and around thealt Bancroft area.

We wish to remind families to keep themselves safe and continue to listen to local media reports for updates. NO STUDENTS SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL WEDNESDAY. Further follow us on Twitter (@YorkRiverPS) for up-to-the-minute announcements.

Decisions about a return to school on Thursday will be forthcoming.

Thanks for your patience and understanding - AND a commitment to student safety.

(YRPS Admin.)

Staff / Student Hockey


A terrific afternoon of hockey recently at the arena adjacent to our school.

Does it matter who won? Uh, of COURSE it does - if you're a staff member!

Staff 8, Students 7.

A big thanks to Mr. Mann for organizing the event, and to the student body for showing enthusiasm and respect when representing our school off-site.

(YRPS Admin.)

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