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(YRPS Admin.)

Bus Safety

altThe sign you see to the right is posted at both entry and exit to our school's parking lot.

We have been appreciative of the many families who have adhered to these time frames and used the hockey arena's parking area to drop off and pick up students.

Still, there have been some recent incidents which concern us in terms of safety for all in getting our students into the building to begin the day and out to the buses for dismissal. Vehicle entry and exit is NOT permitted inside the school's front lot within these time frames.

Please understand our commitment to student safety, and to bus safety in general.

Thank you for your understanding.

-YRPS Admin.-

Boil Water Advisory Ends



We've been given the "all clear" signal to return to drinking our tap water!

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe at YRPS.


January 22, 2013

TO: All residents/customers serviced by the BANCROFT WATER TREATMENT PLANT

The Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Richard Schabas, is advising users of the water to bring water to a rapid boil for at least one minute prior to using it for domestic purposes (drinking, making infant formula/juice, brushing teeth, washing raw foods, and making ice). The reason for the advisory is a loss of pressure due to a major water main break. The advisory measure is in place until such time as bacteriological tests prove the water to be safe.

If you have any related questions/concerns, please call the HPECHU at 613-966-5500.

Boil Water Advisory

altThe following communication was sent home today to York River PS students:

I was advised this afternoon that our school is part of a "boil water advisory" issued by the local health unit. The safety of students and staff is our main concern, which is why bottled water is being provided for use at the school.

All fountains are bagged and out of service. Bottled water will continue to be used and the fountains will remain out of service until the health unit lifts the "boil water advisory", which will remain in place until bacteriological tests prove that the water is safe for drinking.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. Please feel free to call me at 613-332-1833 with any follow-up inquiries.

Mrs. Reid, Principal

Important Meeting


Reading Reminder


Home/School Connections, December, 2012

Click here for the latest information.

Health Unit Reminder, December, 2012


Health Unit Reminder, December, 2012


Be Kind To Me!



Wonderful stuff today as classes worked on doors and classroom posters to celebrate the close of anti-bullying activities.

Students demonstrated creativity and cooperation in designing their themes.

Thanks to all for contributing to a great day at YRPS!

Walters Visit


A terrific learning experience for our students in Grades 5-8, with the visit from Canadian (and award-winning) author Eric Walters!

Mr. Walters provided a multimedia presentation, complete with stories, personal experiences, and glimpses into his writing process.

Not to mention, Mr. Walters was quite the entertainer!

Have a look at his foundation, "Creation of Hope", which promotes free education for hundreds of children in Kenya.

Thanks, Mr. Walters. We look forward to your next novel!

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